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A Step-by-Step Guide To Getting Results

with SMS Marketing.

We’re here to help you make the transition into using SMS marketing with as little pain as possible. The SMS Marketing Handbook is a step-by-step guide to start using SMS text message marketing so that you can generate leads, increase sales, and connect with your customers in a new and immediate way.

What you will learn

Selecting A Vendor Or Partner

Learn how to pick the right SMS provider or partner to send your messages

How To Grow Your List

Before you can send messages you need to get people to opt-in. We cover how you can begin building your list

Campaigns That Convert

There are a many ways to add SMS to your business. Find the right way for your business

Ongoing Succes

Learn the ingredients to making your SMS campaigns work for the long term

How To Measure Your Success

Understand that metrics that you'll use to measure your success

Case Studies & FAQ

See how other businesses use SMS in a chapter full of case studies

Are You Ready For SMS Marketing?

Four training resources just for you

When you purchase either The Starter Package or The Complete Package you’ll get access to some valuable resources that will help you get started.

SMS Messaging Scripts

SMS Message Scripts

Get over 200 word-for-word SMS messaging scripts from over 30 different types of businesses. Use these scripts as inspiration and guides for your own messaging campaigns.


Messaging Calendar

Get the calendar that I use to plan and schedule messaging for all of my clients, big and small. I even used this at Cabela’s.


Video Tutorial – MMS

Watch over my shoulder as I create an MMS campaign for my business, Mobile Mixed.


Video Tutorial – SMS

Watch over my shoulder in this video tutorial of how I setup an SMS auto responder in minutes for my business, Mobile Mixed.

Learn from the experts

Watch video interviews on the basics, strategies, case studies, compliance, selling and promotion.

There is so much to know about creating SMS campaigns that convert so we brought in a few of our favorite experts to talk to you about developing successful SMS strategies and campaigns.

Derek Johnson - Founder and CEO of Tatango

Derek Johnson - Founder and CEO of Tatango

How To Get Started With SMS and How Other Businesses Get Results - Derek is the founder of Tatango an SMS marketing provider. Derek was named by BusinessWeek as one of the top 25 under 25 entrepreneurs in the United States.

James Citron - Founder of MoGreet

James Citron - Founder of MoGreet

How To Get Started Using MMS (Picture & Video Messaging) To Create Deeper Engagement: Using pictures and videos in your messages can shoot your engagement through the roof and bring your personality into the mix to create a very personal connection with your customer.

Bruce Hershey - VP Mobile Strategy at Archer Inc.

Bruce Hershey - VP Mobile Strategy at Archer Inc.

How To Create A Contact Strategy - How SMS Works With Your Other Marketing Tactics: SMS can make your email, push notifications and even print campaigns work harder. Learn how SMS is one powerful marketing weapon that will compliment your other messaging channels.

Greg Olsen - Owner at Growl Mobile

Greg Olsen - Owner at Growl Mobile

How B2B Companies Can Use SMS Marketing: SMS isn't only for B2C companies. Learn how you can use SMS at trade shows and conferences to create awareness and leads for your business.

Kane Russell - VP Marketing of Waterfall Mobile

Kane Russell - VP Marketing of Waterfall Mobile

How To Create The Right SMS Call-to-Action. One That Converts: In this lesson you'll learn the art of what makes customers opt-in to your program and how to create a CTA for your business that generates leads and engagement.

Dick Larkin - Owner Commando Marketing

Dick Larkin - Owner Commando Marketing

How To Sell SMS Services To SMB's - Learnings From 8,000+ SMB Sales: Want to get more clients? Dick shows you exactly how to pitch your SMS services to prospective customers and how to package your offering.

Mike Hazzard - Attorney at Arent Fox

Mike Hazzard - Attorney at Arent Fox

How To Create Compliant SMS Marketing Programs (and not break the law): With SMS being a regulated industry by the wireless carriers and the government, you want to make sure you're campaigns are compliant. Mike helps you navigate that in this training lesson.

Choose the package for you

No matter your budget or experience, there is a package for you. No more excuses on not knowing how to start, what tools to use or how to add SMS to your business. Go ahead. Pick the package that’s right for you.

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Hey, I’m Greg Hickman. I got started in mobile marketing in 2005. Yes, that’s before the iPhone existed. I’m a mobile marketing consultant and have previously created mobile marketing strategies and programs for The New York Jets, Florida Marlins, Carolina Panthers, AT&T, over 300 shopping centers across the US, small local businesses and online marketers. I was recently the head of mobile for Cabela’s, a large retailer focused on hunting, fishing and camping goods. I also write at and host The Mobile Mixed Podcast, the number one podcast discussing mobile marketing strategies.

Private Life

I live in Denver, Colorado with my wonderful dog Koda and engaged to my soon to be wife, Sarah. You can follow me on twitter @gjhickman and on my personal blog,


Inspire and teach business owners to use mobile marketing effectively to grow their business.

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